Interpretation and translation services are available throughout all our hospital sites to help support those patients who have additional language and communication needs.


If your first language is not English, interpretation can be provided. If you require interpretation, please let your GP know and they will usually tell us when they refer you for an appointment. We can then organise interpretation in time for your hospital visit.

In most instances this will be telephone interpretation. Remote video interpretation or a face-to-face interpreter may also be used in certain situations.


Trust information leaflets and letters can be translated into alternative languages. We can also provide braille, large print, audio and other translation formats. Please make the request through your GP’s referral or at your appointment.

Deaf and hard of hearing patients

Our hospitals use Signalise Co-op to ensure our services are accessible to deaf and hard of hearing patients. They can provide British Sign Language (BSL) interpreters, deafblind interpreters, lipspeakers and other communication services. They also provide a 24/7 video interpreting service for emergency access or when a face-to-face interpreter is not possible.

We will usually be told you need a BSL interpreter at the time of the GP referral, so please let your GP know that you will need a BSL interpreter. We can then book your interpretation, and if you have a mobile telephone number registered, you will receive a text message to confirm an interpreter has been secured.

If you become a member of Signalise Co-op, you can register your interpreter preferences. Signalise will try and match you to your preferred BSL interpreter wherever possible.